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SATAT - Design Studio

Engineers, Architects & Planners

SATAT-Product Studio

SATAT-Art Studio


  • Public Buildings

  • Residentail Buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Green Building

Master Planning

  • Master Layout Plan

  • Town Planning

  • Urban Planning

  • Rural Planning

  • MEP

Infrastructure Planning

  • Urban Infrastructure Planning

  • Roads

  • Bridges

  • Eco-Friendly Road Design

  • Site Specific Planning

Project Planning and DPR

  • Project Report Formulation

  • Detail Project Report

  • Project Planning

  • Bid Process 

Landscape Design

  • Micro & Macro Landscape design

  • Landscape Planning

  • Theme based Planning

  • Landscape Design

  • Roadside Landscape Design and Planning


  • Residential Inetrior

  • Office Interiors

  • Retail Interiors

  • Hotels

Wildlife and Environmental

  • Wildlife Safaris

  • Environment Impact Assessment

  • Environment Management Plan

  • Wildlife Conservation Plan

  • Eco-Tourism & Ecological Habitat Development

Geospatial Services

  • DGPS Survey

  • Geo-Hydrological & Geo Physical

  • Topographical Survey

  • CIS

Since inception, Satat’s reputation is built on benchmark quality standards, rock solid values, uncompromising business ethos and state of the art engineering. Satat takes pride in enacting, exemplifying, and exceeding the highest environmental standards by harmoniously bringing together natural and constructed elements while addressing to previous, present and emerging social, economic and environmental conditions. Our design process combines application of traditional knowledge with fluency in the contemporary landscape.


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